An exceptional show to support the Meghanora association

Un spectacle exceptionnel pour soutenir l'association Meghanora


Monday, December the 10th, 2012 at 8:30 pm, in the New Eve Cabaret (Paris 9th), Meghanora, the only association in France which fights against the renal tumours of child and teenager, organizes an exceptional show.

Many artists, actors and singers will meet around Michèle Bernier and Luis Fernandez, the parrrains of Meghanora, in this elegant cabaret “the New Eve”, which is also the oldest Parisian Theatre of Revue, located 25 rue Fontaine at Paris 9th. The funds collected thanks to this evening will make it possible to help the paediatric Medical research to find treatments targeted and less invalidating face to the disease.

On December 10th, therefore, gala evening with cocktail. Many artists mobilized themselves around Luis Fernandez, and Michèle Bernier, godfathers of the association: Léa Castel, Gibson Brothers – mythical group, Peter Savelli (Peter & Sloane) Charlotte Gaccio, young artist interpret, Axel and Alyzée, victorious of “La France a un incroyable talent” 2010, Michael Raivard, live event-painter performer and David Serero, singer of opera baritone of international repute…

Cabaret News Eve, 25, rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009Paris.

Final of the evening with all artists invited, the godfathers of Meghanora Michèle Bernier and Luis Fernandez. The show was presented by Alex Goude (Incroyable Talent).

Glitter portraits of Michèle Bernier and Luis Fernandez