Michael Raivard is a speed painter, motivated by the creation of new kinds of painting’s expressions. He designs his performances by blending several artistic disciplines : drawing, photography, stagecraft etc. At the heart of all his shows painting one thing is constant: interaction with the audience.

Discover a complete artist, precursor of the glue painting “Live Gluing”. The act which has become his trademark is based on a spectacular technique using glue and glitter and plays on the audience’s sense of surprise and wonder. Since his first TV appearance in 2008, his speed painting’s technique largely spread itself in the whole world and inspired, in this way, numerous speed painters. Become a child again and let yourself be amazed Michaël Raivard’s conceptual happenings, in particular Live Gluing. Truly conceptual, this glitter painting show comes in an infinity of forms. More than just painting, Michael Raivard practices the art of entertainment.

"Live Gluing" : the art of entertainment
according to Michaël Raivard