Couturier, photographer, draftsman, designer, director, Michael Raivard pays a final tribute to the artist.

Michael Raivard blends the mediatized image of Karl Lagerfeld, an enigmatic dandy in a yellow security vest, with the political and social events that have been disrupted in recent months by the demonstrations of yellow vests claiming freedom, social justice and shouting the urgency of societal renewal.

In our imaginations, the images settle for a second on the media scene, then fade into the projected and diffused mass… Can this portrait not be a milestone?

Friendly with yellow vests, Karl Lagerfeld cannot be presented as the GJ muse. However, after having praised the Chanel brand on the international scene, a brand marked by high society, Karl Lagerfeld, a visionary, imagined a collection for H&M, wishing to make luxury accessible to all.

Without forcing the word of the absent, this portrait gives us a glimpse of the current situation: don’t yellow vests simply demand greater social harmony between the inaccessible spheres of the privileged and the more modest classes?

A great name in fashion dies out.