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Speed Painter | Michael Raivard

The speed painter has literally revolutionized the world of Speed Painting. Precursor of the Glitter Portrait, this new painting technique is spectacular from the beginning to the end of the performance. The portraits of the artist painter performer are made live. The spectators discover the identity of the person painted by Michael Raivard at the last second.

Michael Raivard has excelled as a professional portrait painter of all techniques since he was 19 years old.

This painter perfomer is recognized internationally for his Speed Painter performances which have amazed spectators since 2008. The artist started his career in fine arts then as a studio photographer in fashion in Paris. The portraits of Michael Raivard are sublimated by a set of lights adjusted with great precision. These technical details allow Michael Raivard's shows to stand out from other performing painters and to arouse emotion among spectators.

Inventor of the Glitter Portrait, Michael will make your event a magical and unforgettable moment. The Glitter Painter's performances are realized in the form of portraits, logos, brands, frescos, buildings, decorations, the surprise is always satisfactory and unequalled.

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Live Gluing - Glitter Painting

The Glitter Painting was born in 2008 on a Saturday evening on TF1 during a prime time. Unable to patent his concept, Michael calls this technique live gluing to ensure that there is no confusion between his work and that of other artists. It is through Glitter Painting that the painter tells his story to the rhythm of musical notes, and through a crescendo of movements both precise and enigmatic.

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Live Painting

Thanks to Live Painting, spectators are transported into a world of suspense. The performer uses a transparent glue that allows the portrait to be revealed through the projection of glitter. A source of intense emotion! This spectacular painting performance can be done during a music concert, a wedding reception, a public event or in a corporate event. Live Painting consists in realizing portraits and frescoes in a short time. The performance of a Live Painter portrait painter can extend to logos, cars, architectures...

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Speed Painting

Speed painting is by definition a fast painting. But speed is not everything. Michael makes it a point of honour to keep a perfect resemblance and to take care of the aesthetics of his paintings. The difficulty lies in the fact of avoiding the "stencil" or "flat" side due to an image in two colors. Michael Raivard overcomes this difficulty by painting his portraits in 3D. The performance of a Speed Painter portraitist can extend to logos and packaging.

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Glittering Portraits

The Glitter Portrait is similar to a negative painting made with transparent glue. It is impossible to recognize the model before the glitter is projected. Once the painting is finished, the client has the possibility to keep a unique and personalized painting that will keep its quality over time thanks to a varnish applied by Michael Raivard. Some celebrity portraits painted by Michael have reached dizzying sums at auctions. The Glitter Portrait allows to represent the image, the portrait of a celebrity or person during an event (wedding, birthday, congress) on a large format canvas.

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Videos of the Speed Painter

Sometimes people wonder about the true authenticity and quality of a work of art. Thanks to technological progress, it is now possible to experience a show or a painting session by viewing a video of painters. Practical and original, it demonstrates exactly the means used to achieve an exceptional achievement as well as the approach taken by the painter.

A world-famous artist

Michael Raivard's masterpieces have toured the world. Usually done during an impressive visual number, the artist's performance shows the image, the portrait of a celebrity or a person of honour during an event (wedding, birthday, congress) on a large format canvas. The creation of the painting is done in a few minutes only. The glitter portrait has a very strong emotional impact on the public. Once the painter performer Michael Raivard makes a glitter jet on the canvas, he lets appear the portrait or the realized graphics.

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The media speak of the artist

Over the years, the media has given more importance to art. This recognition is the fruit of the relevance of captivating and exceptional works, which express a particular emotion on the public.

Michael Raivard on television

Television is one of the most widely used media today. Whether national or international, it enables important performances to be broadcast and a large number of people to be built up. Painters use it to make their masterpieces known and to have direct communication with their public. On France2, at the incredible talent show, watch out for walking or on other international televisions you've probably already seen artist performer Michael Raivard.

Pictures of the Speed Painter

The achievements of painters are nothing other than the result of meticulous work, exciting and worthy of experts. Aimed at arousing particular interest in the viewer, the masterpieces convey a message, tell a story and take us back in time. Painters' creations can also be the subject of unique, personalized gifts, which have a guaranteed emotional impact over the long term.

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