PAX AUREA’S GOT TALENT!user posted image

Ladies and gentlemen, after a longer-than-expected wait, the votes are finally counted. And we know the winner! Michael Raivard from Pax Aurea is the new European Talent!

Occoron wishes to be the first to congratulate the winner and his home nation, but also everyone who participated in this Europe’s Got Talent for their wonderful performances!

The next edition of Europe’s Got Talent will be -again- held in Pax Aurea; see you there!

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Many thanks to Occoron for hosting this wonderful and exciting competition, and congratulations to all the participants; Europe has talent indeed, for no poor acts entered this contest!

And of course, we wish to congratulate our Michael Raivard, who, according to his latest tweet, is currently under siege in his hotel room by his enthusiastic Occoronian fans!

The next edition of Europe’s Got Talent will take place in the beautiful and exotic city of Port Africa, “always sunny and always happy” as goes their motto. See you all there!