Roma, in the heart of Cinecitta, the legendary birthplace of many italian and international features.

It is here, where Michaël Raivard, the fast glitter painter, joined once again Luc Petit Creation’s team.

A true pleasure for the eyes! Many circus artists, dancers, performers, magicians whose famous Dani Lary, illuminated this evening and made it an extraordinary and unforgettable event for all guests.

Michaël Raivard realized in glitter painting a “sparkling” double portrait!

Thanks to Luc Petit Creation and his team!

fast glitter painting michael raivard

The fast glitter painter in Roma for a new Luc Petit Creation’s production. A great “sparkling” event!

Glue and sparkles painting in Roma by Michaël Raivard

A “sparkling” event! Michaël Raivard painted a double portrait for Luc Petit Creation with glue and sparkles.