« A picture worths a thousand words ». Confucius

He usually blends himself into the shadows of his dark canvas, immutably dressed in black. From him, one only see his hands, extended by the brushes, dancing on the music, in a perfect synchronism that bewitches a breathless audience following its perfect, precise and smooth movements. Beyond the portrait, he paints movement and pure emotion, simply by touching the canvas a few minutes. His artwork, that seem to be created instinctively, are his signature. His artistic mark. He is Michaël Raivard. No chance, only beautiful encounters Born in 1971, Michaël Raivard chose the drawing as his privileged way of speech. Driven by his vocation, he turns himself to applied arts and is graduated from Corvisart School in 1992. But the graphic universe that he discovers in his first job seems reducing his creativity at a small page. He goes back to school and enters the Beaux-Arts of Bordeaux. Which is situated in front of the Conservatoire. He pushes the door and successfully performs an audition. There, he discovers the theater universe as well as body expression and classic dance workshops. And the pleasure to be on stage, facing an audience. Then his paths cross those of a recognized photographer, whom he becomes the assistant for 2 years. This is the school of shadows and light, set design, capture of expressions. This alchemy between several arts and the mastery of various technics that influence and enrich themselves, is the background on which Michaël built his oneiric, aesthetic, graphic, stylistic and magic universe. Joey Starr, the revealing light Then followed years of street portraits – the speed and likeness School as well as personal research. Pencil, chalk, oïl… Michael sharpens his line and his eyes while ripens his artistic project, at the confluence of art and theater: paint on stage and share in live the crescendo of an artwork’s birth with an audience. But the “final reveal” with its emotional momentum is missing to the classic portrait. His search on this theme leads to a strong idea: black canvas, transparent glue and glitter that are lightweight, thin, with low volatility and perfectly take the light. It’s time to test the idea… He chooses to portray Joey Starr for his personal interpretation of “le Métèque” (G. Moustaki) and paints him with one hand to be able to film himself with the other, on the music. And it perfectly works! A last beautiful encounter is going to change his life: he’s got the business card of a local TV that came to his art gallery’s inauguration in Perpignan. The crew films his performance on a large canvas, in his painter studio. With this video, Michaël finds an artistic agent and… his first professional contract: An April Saturday, 2008, on prime time in the French TV show « Attention à la marche», he portrays Marilyn Monroe .The Live Gluing was born!!! The Live Gluing makes the show and a World Tour In 2008, he works for Estée Lauder in Dubaï as well as for Abu Dhabi Finance and takes part to the Elysee’s Christmas party where he portrays SpongeBob…! A first eclectic year, preluding of his upcoming activities. 2009 is the TV year. He is invited on « Baffie est marteau » (Paris Première) to paint a Beatles’ fresco for an auction. He participates to the « France got Talent » show on M6 where he reaches the semi-finale. During the summer, he portrays Hélène Segara on France 2 for “l’Habit ne fait pas Lemoine”. Then, his fame goes beyond the French borders. He performs in Spain for a show on Cuatro : « El Hormiguero ». He goes on with other contracts, especially in India then in Egypt during one month for the Porto Marina’s opening; for the Tulip’s feast; many times in the Emirates; in Norway for the latest Volvo’s launch. And, to beautifully end the year, he portrays the Hots d’Or’s trophy. In 2010, Michaël is invited in Hong-Kong for one week in the K11, a contemporary art center, to realize a series of portraits that will afterwards be exposed in the metropolis’s subway. He works for Costa Cruises and the Swiss Airlines. On mid-December, his performance is integrated to the Cirque du Soleil show for a private event in Courchevel (French famous ski resort). In 2011, a show for 2DF opens him the Germany’s doors. The event agencies only want Michaël Raivard and his Live Gluing, to the detriment of his competitors. That same year, he participates to the Ronald Mac Donald KinderHlife’s foundation charity gala event in Vienna (Victoria Svarovski’s portrait was auctioned 10 000 euros); to the Swiss Golden Player in Switzerland and to “The Slammer” on the BBC. In 2012, he participates for the first time to the charity event organized by the Womanity Foundation, where his Marilyn Monroe’s painting is auctioned at 50 000 Swiss Francs (42000 euros). He participates in “Beat the Best” in the Netherlands where he arrives first in his category. He is invited to “Rire sur la Ville” in Belgium. He paints for Meghanora, a renal anti-cancer association with Michelle Bernier and Louis Bertignac. At the end of the year, he gains his first contract with Nike in Spain, where he portrays the Brazilian footballer Neymar. At the beginning of 2013, he integrates the Franco Dragone’s adventure named « Story of a Fort, Legacy of a nation » where he collaborates with number of artists. The magic happens. He goes on with a second Nike contract in Scotland. Invited by the Japanese Nippon TV to participate to a charity program named “24 hours”, he learns the Live Gluing’s technic to pupils so that they could realize a large fresco to be auctioned. In October, he is Luc Petit’s special artistic guest in a tailor-made show in Cineccitta, Roma. In January 2014, for the Womanity Foundation, he paints the French idol Brigitte Bardot, auctioned 120 000 Swiss Francs (100 000 euros) during the event. And launches his newest performance, the “Splashing Art”, with a Nelson Mandela portrait sold 70000 Swiss Francs (55 000 euros). Michaël Raivard enters a new era… When emotion lies in details Before to perform on stage, he studies the shadows and lights, the subtlety of a glance and the emotions of a face to give them back on the canvas. And he knows than when the character and the picture are more complex, the mastery of drawing is of fundamental importance and makes the difference. What he intends to do on stage is not to paint as fast as possible. It is to catch the audience and take it with him while he realizes his artwork. And this moment could last 20 minutes he would be more than happy of that. Is Michaël Raivard uncompromising? No. Just demanding. Its newest performance, inspired by the contemporary Art In his youth, he was in love with Klimt and Pollock, – masters of the « pure » painting-. He now admires Koons, Hirst or Banksy. Even if these artists are provocative, they have created rich universes; they perfectly master their work and consider art as a messages driver. These sources of inspiration added to his endless desire to share his imaginative world gave life to a totally innovative and very technically complex performance, blending music, video and painting. And gives life to an exceptional artistic added value’s artwork named “Splashing Art”. His first showcase, the Nelson Mandela’s canvas for the Womanity foundation, has been auctionned at a record of 70 000 Swiss Francs (55 000 euros) in Geneva. A beautiful tribute for Michaël Raivard, who, from that moment, reveals himself through his artwork as a sensitive, imaginative and credible contemporary Art member.