Michaël Raivard at the 70th anniversary of the founder of the group Wolfgang Trigema
Burladingen, 30 June – The famous family of Wolfgang Group CEO celebrated the 70th anniversary of its founder and the 45th anniversary of Trigema among more than 1500 guests. The Monkey Sina, mascot of the company Trigema as well as the “King of Burladingen” were both immortalized by Michaël Raivard the fastest of the street painters! Source : scharzwaelder-bote.de

Burladingen – On Saturday at the Zollernalb in Burladingen, there was only marginal talk of the currency crisis. The work of Wolfgang Grupp, an outstanding entrepreneur who has just celebrated his 70th birthday, was the focus of the 45th anniversary of Trigema.

When at the end of the painter performer from France, Michael Raivard had finished his work, “The King of Burladingen” with the monkey Trigema Sina smiles in the gold dust immortalized on his nearly 1500 guests in the canvas decorated in the colors of Trigema. Previously, the shooters and horn blowers had welcomed the guests of honour in the park of the Villa Grupp and escorted them to the reception of the entrepreneur couple. Celebrities from the aristocracy and monetary nobility, guests from local and regional politics, business and culture, who all paid tribute to the entrepreneurial couple.