Painter Performer Michael Raivard again spoke about him. It is in the United States that the glitter artist has occurred. For the first time, a European went overseas for a performance and the trip was worth it. In Dallas, Texas, the artist did no less than 24 portraits in four shows at the Best Consultant Awards ceremony for the world-renowned Mary Kay cosmetics brand.

Such a performance of speed painting had never been realized before and it is thanks to a team of committed professionals that the show delighted the 48,000 people present.

The spectacle of glitter painting was at the height of the event, dancers, singers, great and generous artists. All performed on the stage while the host listed the nominees to reveal the name of the winner at the same time Michael Raivard threw his spangles on the portrait showing the face of the queen. The atmosphere was completely crazy, the majority of the audience was female, applause and shouts of joy showed how successful the party was.

On behalf of Michael, thank you to the entire Mary Kay team and Saue, Dustin, Sarah, Haeidi, Siobhan, and Korey for your welcome and your intentions.

Thank you ladies:

Kathy Helou – Christine Hoerkstra – Stacey Simins – Cathy Welch – Jessica Scola – Vicki Piccirilli – Lisa Madson – Samantha Nau – Cynthia Adams – Kelly Freeman – Michelle Cape – Sherrie Purvis – Carole Anton – Linda Masser Rosenthal – Mayela Lopez – Reyna Lepe – Candace Doverspike – Gloria Mayfield Banks – Richelle Barnes – Cynthia Chandler – Larelle Bryson – Leslie Wayne – Nancy Boucher



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